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Melomakarona {Traditional Greek Christmas Cookies}

It’s Christmas tiiiiiiiiiime!! CHRISTMAAAAS!!

I cannot begin to describe how excited I am during this season! My joy is ridiculous!!

To top that joy I made melomakarona! Sounds Greek to you? Well, it is!


Melomakarona are traditional Christmas cake-like cookies, wonderfully spiced and soaked in a honey-based syrup. They are sweet, delicious and addictive!

You will not find a house without melomakarona during the holidays!


Plus, in case you are interested, they are dairy-free!

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Walnut Chocolate Pie

What do you do when you have a bucket full of walnuts and no plans to just eat them?

You make a pie.

A very easy, very decadent pie, with great walnut and chocolate taste.

Did I mention it is soaked in syrup? Yes. It. Is.

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