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Roast Lamb Leg with Potatoes {+ Award}

It’s taking me so long to post.

But it’s summer. We have a tan to attend to.

It’s sales period. We have shopping to do.

We’re still not on holidays. We have work to do.

I hope my excuses are enough. If not, take a piece of that:

I’m Greek. A lamb post was waaaay long overdue. (The Easter one does not count).

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Hamburger with Caramelized Onions and Oven “Fried” Potatoes – {Plus the View from my Window}

A few days ago I posted a photo of the burger and potatoes I prepared for football night.

When I took the photo I had not tasted the burger or the potatoes yet.

But then I did. And it was SO good. We devoured the whole thing long before the first 15min of the game had passed…

And then we continued watching, wishing we had more.

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Brussels Sprouts with Raisins

On the 15th of April is our Easter, so next week we’re going to Greece to be with our families! Yayyyy! Excitement is kicking in! 😀

Plus, fasting will be over and I’ll be able to stuff myself with eggs and cheese! Because, yes, I love meat and I’ve missed it, but not nearly as much as eggs and cheese…

Now, one dish that didn’t contain meat/cheese/eggs/cream, and I enjoyed recently was this:

I really like Brussels sprouts, and this combination of ingredients was a rather pleasant surprise! The sweetness of the raisins was complementing the particular flavor of the sprouts very nicely!

Let’s proceed to the fast and easy preparation!

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Rice Stuffed Vegetables (Yemista)

Hmm… What can I say about this dish?… How can I effectively describe the deliciousness?… How can I explain the nostalgia it’s causing?… Hmm…

Maybe if I place here a photo, and say that it tastes like an explosion of spring and summer in your mouth?

And for the nostalgia? Well, I’ll just insert another photo here. One that shows the place, where most often my family eats this food, prepared exquisitely by my mother. With all the vegetables straight from our garden, which my father so efficiently takes care of. 😀

Sigh.. Enough with the talking to myself! (I anyway do that more often than I should.)

Rice stuffed vegetables, or Yemista as we call it in Greece, is right up there in my top 2 favorite dishes. EASILY. I hardly ever wait until it’s served. Taking bites standing on top of the tray is my thing. Ask my parents!

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