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Shrimps in Mustard-Lemon Sauce

“Hello Twitter, this is Villy. It only took me a century to get to know you. But here I am”.

So, yeah, I now have a Twitter account. If you are interested to connect the username is @VillyMP 🙂

Let’s move to the food!

This post is about shrimps. Again. We like them. And this is a recipe I learned from my mother-in-law (another awesome cook of the family!)!

Did I say they are delicious? No?

Well, they are!

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Baked salmon with lemon and parsley

Let’s face it. Salmon is healthy AND delicious. Classic win win situation.

So. There.

This dish is easy, fast (even for after-work dinner), and full of flavor! Win, win, and win again 🙂

And you know something? It’s reaaaaaally hard to mess this up.

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