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Roast Lamb Leg with Potatoes {+ Award}

It’s taking me so long to post.

But it’s summer. We have a tan to attend to.

It’s sales period. We have shopping to do.

We’re still not on holidays. We have work to do.

I hope my excuses are enough. If not, take a piece of that:

I’m Greek. A lamb post was waaaay long overdue. (The Easter one does not count).

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Roast Chicken with Potatoes

This was the first thing I ever cooked all by myself! After watching and helping my mother for many years of course.. And it’s one of my biggest favorites! And the reasons are obvious:

Crispy-skinned tender chicken: check. Soft, “little caramel” potatoes: check. Delicious combination of herbs: check. Awesome olive oil with lemon and garlic: check! And I say “little caramels” because this is the compliment we use in my family when the potatoes are so perfectly cooked that feel caramelized. It’s like a cooking skill scale. 🙂

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Greek-style burgers (Biftekia)

These burgers are one of the first dishes I learned how to prepare, and it’s one of our favorites!

In Greece we use minced meat in several different ways, and I’m planning to post several of them (because they are delicious 🙂 ). We call this particular preparation biftekia (μπιφτέκια), and most often you can find them grilled.

They can be prepared using either minced beef or mixed pork and beef. I used only beef here because I prefer it, but I have tried the combination before and it works nicely as well.

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