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Omelette Sandwich

This post is about something really simple.

Simple and open to alterations.

Simple and gooooooood!

But sometimes, simple just does it for you. And when I say “you”, I mean me. Because a mere piece of omelette stuck between some bread genuinely and utterly does it for me.

It just does!

I don’t know how common putting an omelette in a sandwich is in different places, but it was/is very common in my house. I was loving the mornings when I would find in the kitchen a nicely wrapped omelette sandwich, prepared by my father for his little girl (me! ME!).

And I know that it’s something you can easily find in Spain, where I live now. Called “bocadillo de tortilla” it’s a baguette with classic tortilla (potatoes, onions), commonly including some rubbed tomato. Love it.

The one I made was even more simple than that! And it sufficed. Yes it did.

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Potato and White Wine Omelet

…Or “omelet on acid” as Pan calls it! And he has a point, given the fact that 3 of the ingredients are acidic: white wine, capers, mustard. Yes, that’s right, you can put these in an omelet and it’ll be delicious! Well, the fried potatoes in there don’t hurt either!

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