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Roast Lamb Leg with Potatoes {+ Award}

It’s taking me so long to post.

But it’s summer. We have a tan to attend to.

It’s sales period. We have shopping to do.

We’re still not on holidays. We have work to do.

I hope my excuses are enough. If not, take a piece of that:

I’m Greek. A lamb post was waaaay long overdue. (The Easter one does not count).

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Easter holiday roundup

Two days ago we returned from Greece, where we spent our Easter holidays. And it was fantastic!

We enjoyed our families (we hadn’t visited since New Year’s), ate amazing food prepared by our mothers, and spent time with our 3-year old niece and 4-month old nephew, who we simply adore!

Food is a big part of Easter (as it is for Christmas), and there are a few typical stuff almost every family prepares.

Let’s move on to the photos then!

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