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Holidays in Greece {Beloved Motherland}

I’m back.

Back to my 2nd home and back to work.

I’m never able to describe what returning to Greece for holidays means to us. Such a warm feeling. Bliss.

So I’ll just post some summer photos and go on and wait for Christmas to arrive. 🙂

We ate:

My mother’s creation. Whipped cream, petite-beurre biscuits, chocolate pastry cream. A simple yet incredible fresh dessert.

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Easter holiday roundup

Two days ago we returned from Greece, where we spent our Easter holidays. And it was fantastic!

We enjoyed our families (we hadn’t visited since New Year’s), ate amazing food prepared by our mothers, and spent time with our 3-year old niece and 4-month old nephew, who we simply adore!

Food is a big part of Easter (as it is for Christmas), and there are a few typical stuff almost every family prepares.

Let’s move on to the photos then!

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Update ~ Happy Easter ~ Καλή Ανάσταση!

In case you’ve missed the hundred times I’ve mentioned it, I’m in Greece (Athens) at the moment, celebrating Easter with my and my husband’s family! 🙂

The Holy Week is about to end tonight and tomorrow is Easter Sunday, the peak of celebrations.

Easter is a really big deal for us, and we have plenty of great traditions! When I return I’m planning to post a series of photos depicting as many of them as possible. I very much enjoy learning how different cultures celebrate different events. So, if you are anything like me, you’ll enjoy that upcoming post!

Until then I leave you with 2 photos. One showing two delicious dishes (two of many to be precise…) my mother prepared, and one where I proudly show off my Easter candle. Tonight we will take our candles (usually a present from godmothers, godfathers, or just family) and we’ll go to church, where at midnight the Resurrection will be pronounced. Afterwards, around 2.00am, we will return home and have a wonderful traditional dinner (yes, at 2.00am), because this is also the time when fasting is over. But more details on that in the next post! 😀

On the left: Stew of artichokes, potatoes and carrots. On the right: Pasta with octopus and red wine.

My very pretty candle.

Have a nice day and if you’re celebrating Easter: Happy Easter and Καλή Ανάσταση!