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No-Bake Cheesecake with Fruit Sauce

Imagine a warm summer day.

You just finished lunch and you are desperately craving a fresh and delicious dessert.

You open your fridge and you find this inside:

no-bake cheesecake7

Are you happy or what??

Well, you should be, because this no-bake cheesecake is creamy, fresh, sweet, but with a nice lemon kick and super-delicious!

And it is not difficult to make!

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Blueberry and Cream Cheese Cake

I have baked and cooked several things recently (thank you long weekend!), but I decided to post this cake because of sentimental reasons:

First thing I prepared using my brand new Kenwood stand mixer!

The combination of blueberries with cream cheese is really fantastic, and each bite is filled with both!

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Carrot Cake

I was always a bit skeptical when I was seeing carrot cake in a menu (or in Starbucks). Should I try it? Should I not? And most of the times I was not. And then I did. And boy, was THAT a revelation! I loved it! The combination of carrots and spices, the cream cheese frosting, the moistness… Everything just worked!

So, when I was planning the baking menu for the weekend I decided to make a carrot cake for the first time. And it turned out exactly as I was hoping it will: soft, moist and delicious!

The carrot cake is a rather simple dessert to make and if you want to impress even more you can bake 2 layers and include frosting in between them.

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