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Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Time for dessert! Or breakfast 🙂

Chocolate chip banana muffins 4

Serving today: Chocolate chip banana muffins! There’s no denial chocolate is to banana what a glove is to a hand. Perfect combination!

And those muffins are fluffy and delicious!

Chocolate chip banana muffins 5

And really, very simple to bake!

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Chocolate and Hazelnut Diamond Cookies

Diamonds are forever, forever, forever… ♫

Or are they?…

Well, I tell you, these ones lasted one working day:

My labmates really enjoyed them, and this is always a good sign!

This was the first dessert I baked coming from my amazing America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book, and I was not disappointed.

The cookie has a scrumptious buttery taste, while the chocolate-hazelnut combination is simply perfect!

I’m sensing there will be plenty of baking from this book! But let’s start with these chocolate diamond cookies!

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