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Caesar-style Salad {with Grilled Chicken and Anchovies}

Salad season has definitely kicked off!

Chop those greens! Whisk that dressing! Pop that cooled white wine’s cork! Ahem…

It’s very common in Greece to have a salad on the table, accompanying almost any type of dish. But in that case it’s a rather simple combination of ingredients; a Greek salad, or lettuce with fresh onion and dill, or cabbage with carrot, or just cucumber with tomato.

However, if I’m going to have a salad as a main meal, then it’d better be pimped up!

I’m calling it “Caesar-style”, because apparently the original one has some standard ingredients, while I just combined several variations in one, to make a hearty big bowl of salad.

The most phenomenal part of this salad was the dressing. I’ve made this dressing two times more since then, just to use it on a plain green salad. Irresistible!

Let’s toss that salad then!

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Roast Chicken with Potatoes

This was the first thing I ever cooked all by myself! After watching and helping my mother for many years of course.. And it’s one of my biggest favorites! And the reasons are obvious:

Crispy-skinned tender chicken: check. Soft, “little caramel” potatoes: check. Delicious combination of herbs: check. Awesome olive oil with lemon and garlic: check! And I say “little caramels” because this is the compliment we use in my family when the potatoes are so perfectly cooked that feel caramelized. It’s like a cooking skill scale. 🙂

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