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Steamed mussels with white wine

If you’re recovering from an Easter feast, then I hope you had a great time! Our Easter celebration is taking place this coming Sunday, and this means two things:

  1. We’re going back home to Greece soon! Yesssss! (says while doing a little happy dance) 🙂
  2. There WILL be lamb. A whole lamb. On a spit. So delicious I’m drooling only thinking about it. So delicious.

Until then, fasting continues and seafood is our main guest.

There are plenty of ways to prepare steamed mussels, but the version with the white wine was always my favorite. The taste of the wine blends with the natural taste of the mussel juices fantastically!

And it’s actually a quite easy and fast dish to prepare. After you clean the mussels that is.

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White Bean Soup (Fasolada)

It’s getting warmer here in Barcelona, but I don’t care! When I want my soup, I’ve gotta have my soup! And in this case I wanted THIS soup: hearty, thick, tasty.

I saw my dry white beans in their glass container and it hit me: how long had it been?!

The fact is that a week ago I entered a fasting period for the 40-something days leading up to our Easter (Greek Orthodox). And do you know what this means? Do you?? I’ll tell you. Means I need to stay away from meat, fish (yes to seafood), milk, butter, eggs and cheese.

Oh, no, don’t frown! Once you’re in it you realize there are plenty of dishes you can cook and desserts to make!

Although, going through tons of food blogs during fasting is not fun you guys. Seriously.

Anywhooo, this white bean soup was both fasting-appropriate AND delicious! And a note: in Greece we call this fasolada (φασολάδα). 🙂

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