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Upside-Down Apple Cake

To cut a long story short, there is a really good reason why I stopped posting recipes and why I stopped visiting all my favorite food blogs.

This really good reason made me feel nauseous for 5 full months, turning all the previously drool-worthy photos to a nightmare. When I was cooking it would be something bland and “hospital-like”, I could not see any photo of fish/seafood or any heavy-looking dish, and sadly I could not even bake a dessert.

So, yes, I am pregnant and, obviously, now that my nausea is gone my excitement has doubled. 😀

I am not going to say anything else about it, I will not bore you with details, this blog (as I once told my friend Camilla) will NOT become baby- or pregnancy-oriented.

Moving on to the recipe then! Drums of suspense… A cake!

upside-down apple cake4

This is a delicious upside-down apple cake, with a delicious taste of cinnamon and a soft cake part!

It is also ridiculously easy to prepare!

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Blueberry and Cream Cheese Cake

I have baked and cooked several things recently (thank you long weekend!), but I decided to post this cake because of sentimental reasons:

First thing I prepared using my brand new Kenwood stand mixer!

The combination of blueberries with cream cheese is really fantastic, and each bite is filled with both!

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Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread (or Cake)

Do you like banana?

I don’t. Unless it’s an ice cream flavor or in THIS cake!

Quoting: “This is the best dessert you’ve ever made and one of the best I’ve ever tried!”, Pan (husband).

This is my first banana bread and I was impressed! Mashed banana can do miracles for the softness and moistness of a cake.

And melting chocolate chunks can do miracles for, well, everything!

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Cake with Chocolate Ganache

When I’m too lazy to go through cooking books and elaborate recipes I make a cake.

A very simple cake. The first I ever learned how to make when I was 14. That simple.

But it’s so delicious and more than enough to satisfy a very common in the house sweet craving.

So if you want something easy, not tricky, with few ingredients and delicious: this is your cake!

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