Roast Lamb Leg with Potatoes {+ Award}

It’s taking me so long to post.

But it’s summer. We have a tan to attend to.

It’s sales period. We have shopping to do.

We’re still not on holidays. We have work to do.

I hope my excuses are enough. If not, take a piece of that:

I’m Greek. A lamb post was waaaay long overdue. (The Easter one does not count).

There are no step-by-step photos, because let’s face it: You don’t need to see how I slice the potatoes or how I season the lamb…

And anyway, the procedure is almost identical to the one I used in THIS post.

The difference is that here I used a beautiful lamb leg, stuffed some garlic in 2-3 places, and cooked for a bit longer.

Everything is very well seasoned, and there is lemon juice + olive oil + some water poured in the tray.

Off in the oven it goes.

Out of the oven it comes.

I can use the Thesaurus to find words to describe how delicious it is. For example: “mouthwatering, scrumptious, flavorful”.

And some favorites: “delish, finger-licking, nummy, lip-smacking”. 😀

Or take that as a proof:

One day later the bones were even cleaner. 🙂


(For a delicious chicken alternative check HERE!)

Serves probably 5 people

A nice lamb leg (you can use other parts as well, but the leg and the arm are the best for this type of cooking)

4 medium-large potatoes

2-3 cloves of garlic

Salt and pepper

Dried oregano

Dried thyme

2 lemons (the juice)

60-70ml extra virgin olive oil

100ml water, plus more in case it needs it later


Preheat the oven at 240ºC (460ºF). Peel and cut the potatoes and garlic, season with salt, pepper, oregano and thyme. Mix with your hands to coat the potatoes evenly with the herbs. Season the lamb with salt, pepper, oregano and thyme. Place in oven tray. Add the lemon juice, olive oil and water. Cover with aluminum foil and cook for 30-40min, or until the juices are boiling and the potatoes are getting soft. Remove foil, check and add water if necessary. Cook for about 1h more, or until the lamb is crispy, nicely brown, and easy to pinch and pull with the fork, the potatoes soft and crunchy on their edges, and the water has been reduced.


And now the Award part! 🙂

I would like to thank Susan from Susartandfood’s Blog for presenting me with the One Lovely Blog award!

In order to accept the award, I need to write 7 facts about myself:

  1. I seriously hope I will end up cooking for money at some point in my life.
  2. I’m a ridiculously huge film/cinema fan.
  3. The last 9 years I have changed house 5 times, and lived in 3 different countries (Italy: 2years, Belgium: 5years, Spain: still here).
  4. I have a Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences and I’ve been working in labs since 2003.
  5. I’m terrified of flying, but I can’t avoid it.
  6. My BFF (and maid of honor), the girl I trust and adore, is my best friend since high school and lives in Greece. We talk from time to time, but when we meet it’s like we were never apart. I love that.
  7. I’m genetically programmed to hate cilantro. Smells and tastes like pee/soap to me.

And here are the fantastic blogs I nominate!

Go and take a look at them! Some of them are in Greek, some in English. What they have in common is that I’m always waiting to see what they will post next!

Have a nice day!

39 thoughts on “Roast Lamb Leg with Potatoes {+ Award}

  1. johnnysenough hepburn

    This looks amazingly delicious. Your roast potatoes are perfect for me. And, how wonderful to read that there’s no mint involved. Although, I do quite like it.

    Thank you so much for the award. Don’t think I have that one. Really must accept them some time soon. And, congrats on yours!

  2. thehungrygiant

    YUM! It doesn’t matter how frequent you post as long as you post something amazing and meaningful and delicious and mouthwatering and….I could go on and on.HAHAHA!

  3. tanja@the green mixer

    Τι τρελλό μπουτάκι είναι αυτό!!!!!
    Πήρα μάλιστα παραγγελιά να το φτιάξω, αχ τι μου κάνες!!!!!!
    (παραγγελιά τύπου: εσύ γιατί δεν φτιάχνεις κάτι τέτοιο, ποτέ?)

    1. Villy Post author

      Αχαχα!! Κοιτα εδω είναι αρκετά ακριβό το αρνί οπότε και εμείς αραιά και που το τρώμε..

  4. Ερμιόνη

    Αριστούργημα το σημερινό σου πιάτο Villy μου!
    Φαίνεται πραγματικά υπέροχο και τόσο ροδοψημμένο! Και οι πατατούλες άπό δίπλα είναι υπέροχο συνοδευτικό!
    Σε ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ που με σκέφτηκες και για το βραβείο Villy μου!
    Φιλιά πολλά!

  5. Pela

    mmmmmmmmmm…καλέ τι λαχταριστό πιάτο είναι αυτό!! μπορώ να έχω κανα 2 μερίδες???

  6. Magda

    Γειά σου Villy. Σ’ ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ για το βραβείο. Με τιμά!
    Επίσης, το αρνάκι σου φαίνεται τέλειο. Λιμπίζομαι τις πατάτες!

    1. Villy Post author

      Μου αρέσει πολύ το μπλογκ σου οπότε δεν ήταν δύσκολο να σε διαλέξω! Και εγώ έχω ένα πάθος με τις πατάτες φούρνου!

  7. jenny

    Τhank you Βίλλυ μου για το βραβείο!
    Έχουμε κι άλλα κοινά φαίνεται μετά την κουζίνα μας 🙂 Κι εγώ σε Biomedical Sciences είμαι, αν και “κατάγομαι” από computer science.

    To αρνάκι μοσχομυρίζει και φαίνεται να’ναι λουκούμι!

  8. Irene from Piraeus Greece

    Το απόλυτο ελληνικό γιορτινό, κυριακάτικο φαγητό, έφτιαξες Villy!! Καταπληκτικά ψημένο και ροδοκόκκινο!! Λαχταριστό!!!
    Ευχαριστούμε για το βραβείο.
    Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο.

  9. Irene from Piraeus Greece

    Σε συνέχεια του προηγούμενου e-mail, είμαι η Ειρήνη Ε. από τις συνταγές της καρδιάς.

  10. Jasline

    Congratulations Villy! You certainly deserve this award (I think everyone will be wanting to give you an award for sharing such an awesome lamb leg recipe!!) The roast looks absolutely gorgeous and delicious… I am so drooling! Thank you so much for thinking of me 😀

  11. Penelope

    Πολύ ωραίο και λαχταριστό σου έγινε Villy! Ποιός δεν θα το λιμπιζόταν όταν το έβλεπε εμπρός του :-)))

  12. Eri

    Villy μου γεια σου, δεν ξέρω για ποιο λόγο αλλά δεν δούλευε το rss σου στα αγαπημένα μου και δεν έβλεπα τις ενημερώσεις σου. Απο οτι φαίνεται όμως τώρα φτιάχτηκε το θέμα.
    Αγαπημένο Ανοιξιάτικο το αρνάκι σου!
    φιλιά πολλά!

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