Omelette Sandwich

This post is about something really simple.

Simple and open to alterations.

Simple and gooooooood!

But sometimes, simple just does it for you. And when I say “you”, I mean me. Because a mere piece of omelette stuck between some bread genuinely and utterly does it for me.

It just does!

I don’t know how common putting an omelette in a sandwich is in different places, but it was/is very common in my house. I was loving the mornings when I would find in the kitchen a nicely wrapped omelette sandwich, prepared by my father for his little girl (me! ME!).

And I know that it’s something you can easily find in Spain, where I live now. Called “bocadillo de tortilla” it’s a baguette with classic tortilla (potatoes, onions), commonly including some rubbed tomato. Love it.

The one I made was even more simple than that! And it sufficed. Yes it did.

First of all, I made sure to buy a dreamy, fresh baguette (it was still warm!), and cut two pieces for my sandwiches. Yeah, I made two… But they were quite small! Believe me!

Then I cooked a simple, plain omelette. Easy peasy.

And theeeeen I did the obvious: scanned my fridge for stuff that I could squeeze in my sandwich. And I decided:

Greek feta cheese (for both sandwiches), oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes (for one sandwich), and roasted red peppers (for the other).

You can imagine what I did next…

And I’m pretty sure you can imagine what I did next.

Yes, you guessed it right: I inhaled ate them.


And I would do it again.

What do you put in your favorite sandwich??

Have a nice day!


It is clear you can substitute/add/remove the 3 last components.

Fresh baguette

Omelette (eggs, some milk*, salt, pepper, oregano)

Oil packed sun-dried tomatoes

Oil packed roasted red peppers

Greek feta cheese

*I put milk because my mother was always putting milk. It might not be necessary, it might not serve any purpose, not making it fluffier, etc. But I’ve tried without it and I prefer the taste of the omelette with it. So, it’s up to you!


Cook the omelette.

Make the sandwich! 😀

20 thoughts on “Omelette Sandwich

  1. johnnysenough hepburn

    Love it! Even though I’m not exactly tolerant to a lot of bread. Yet, I ate quite a few bocadillo whilst travelling in Spain a few years ago (the best, for me, is with freshly rubbed tomato). Hmm, haven’t made omelette in ages. Might have to over the weekend. Have a good one!

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  3. Shira

    This looks incredible Villy! What a satisfying and nutritious (not to mention flavor loaded!) meal! I don’t eat too many sandwiches…but when I do they should be good!! I would love one of these any day!

  4. thelady8home

    OMG! This is unreal…..I JUST now made an Omelet sandwich for dinner…..the recipe is different, but it was pressed between baguette too. Feta and sun-dried tomatoes look so so yumm!


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